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The file examples linked at worked. I ended up making some changes once I knew it worked.

I installed a precompiled XBMC from a link at the top of href=”

Run the raspi-config to set the raspberry pi to boot to terminal and not X. Run the retropie setup script again after installing and you can set it to autostart emulationstation at startup. Along with XBMC, you can add a launcher for “startx” to start your default DE. Make your %ROM% scripts executable with chmod +x

I find this method doesn’t result in XBMC being as fast as it is with OpenELEC. I suspect the video randering is a bit more efficient in OpenELEC for the menus/UI. The CPU usage is of course not to be trusted as the CPU usage display itself uses any remaining CPU to render. The quartz theme is pretty lean and responsive.