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I think I see what you mean. The es_input.cfg is for the emulation station and when I go into, say, the NES emulator is uses the retroarch.cfg at configs/all — and does not use the retroarch.cfg under the /nes folder even though there is one?

I am still having no luck but Im not giving up yet. I seems that I just need to get the confg file set properly myself under /configs/all/retroarch.cfg I think?

Also, is there an easier way for me to run an emulator with the PI? Like installing the raspberry pi os and then just installing an emulator? My actual goal is to put one PI in an NES, another PI in an SNES, and another PI in and Sega. When I turn it on, it will go right to the emulator and thats all it will do. Im using the retrolink usb controllers. I have also tried chameleon pi with not much luck and kinda just focusing on the retroarcade as I have kinda got further with it.