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Matthew, I followed the instructions you gave, thanks a lot. THat link was especially interesting (along with your helpful comments about using it)… however… I still get no response from my controller.

I’ve double checked my wiring, and checked for conductivity, and everything seems in order. I’m using this for the NES controller pinout

And this for the GPIO RPi pinout (except that the gamecon install describes data 1 and data 2 on the opposite pins)

So with that… I’m still getting no response. When your buttons are not yet properly mapped, how did you know that the controller was successfully connected and communicating? I am using: jtest /dev/input/js0

THe one thing I do see happening is when I run “jtest /dev/input/js1”, I see the on/off of “2” quickly flickering between on and off… but no button pushes show any signs of life. Any other ideas?