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Really glad you like the idea :)

The final design will have SD, USB, SNES, PSU and Audio/C-Video. Because the design of the Pi has all the ports on all 4 sides I have had to make some compromises. At the moment the board stands upright in the case, so the USB sticks out the top with the SNES controllers connect into the front and audio/c-video phono plugs on the back.

The SD and power are on the underside of the case. There should be enough room for a full length SD card but the micro USB will need to be right angled in order to fit.

I have updated the case with more detail on Thingiverse, pic here. I added some recesses around the case and within them are hidden some slots for ventilation. I was hoping to use the same font as RetroPie but it causes issues with shared edges so I went to another ‘retro’ font.

Can’t wait for the SNES connectors to arrive so I can test and start fabricating :D