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Pretty sure it’s not an issue with the cable or port. It was tried with the same cable and port that I typically use with my Blu-ray player. Composite would be an option, however I’d like to keep this on HDMI if possible, I would need to install ports and cabling in the case for video/audio. Considering this is in an NES case, I’m wanting to keep it as streamlined as possible. Another issue I’ve had with composite is the quality of the fonts when I go to terminal. It looks more like jibberish than anything else on my HDTV. I’ll try it with another cable this evening. But once I can try it with a few NES roms it should narrow it down I would thing, possible the Pi struggling with emulation for some reason.

Any chance this could be an issue of overclocking to 950mhz? I’ll try reducing it to a lower setting when I get back this evening…

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