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Hmm… that’s an interesting scenario. See if you can edit the retroarch.cfg file directly. If you can, read through it; not only can you set up save states, but there’s a long list of neat things you can do, including screenshots and recording videos. You’ll just have to bind them to hotkeys (I have mine bound to select + L, for “load”, and select + R, for “remember”(save)):

input_enable_hotkey =
input_save_state =

input_enable_hotkey =
input_load_state =

Also, I’d have to check this later, but I think you need to add _btn or _axis to each of those functions to tell them whether they’re using buttons or the D-pad.

While you’re there, could you copy and paste your autosave line to this thread? I’d like to see what might be the problem.

Finally, I’m not sure what you mean when you say you got Brave Fencer Musashi working, but it wouldn’t recognize the BIOS. Could you describe your problem in more detail? If PSX doesn’t recognize the BIOS, the game shouldn’t work at all. However, I’ve found that “No BIOS found” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the BIOS.