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Okay, messed with mine a little tonight. I couldn’t figure out why Chrono Trigger would save but Donkey Kong Country 1 wouldn’t. I forgot that you have to get to Kandy’s save point! Duh…. Anyway, so regular saving in the games is working fine for me, the autosave interval didn’t seem to work, but I’m editing the config over ftp through Filezilla, so that could be the problem. I did get Brave Fencer Musashi to work on PSX, but it didn’t recognize the bios I added, I put it in 3 different places but it didn’t seem to see it. The audio was a little choppy, especially when there was a lot going on onscreen, but then after I put out the fire in the tower and used the teleport, it locked up on a black screen. BTW, when I use the start select exit I programmed in, it cleanly exits back to emulation station, so that’s a plus! Are save states supported at all? If so, how do I implement them? I would love to make a key combo for my controller for it to save and load.