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Hmmm…that makes sense, but I thought I was cleanly exiting the emulator. I’ll have to double check when I get home, but I thought I had my controller setup so when I push select & start it exits the emulator and takes me back to emulation station. Does the autosave_interval work during emulation, or is it after you exit the emulator itself? And I guess while we’re on the subject of saves – when you’re running psx, is it the same or is there memory card emulation? I guess I can experiment later, I’m at work now so can’t really check! Thanks everyone for the answers though, I love this kind of community where we’re all excited about the project and everyone helps out! It’s been really smooth setting up, just gotta figure out these little kinks – I haven’t really messed with Linux for a while so I’m a little rusty, once I get things setup I tend not to mess with them! Thanks again, we’ll see what happens tonight!