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[quote=1234]I’ve some problems adding the img on a SD. Is the img seems bigger as my 4GB SD. I could not load it on the 4GB SD. I bought 8GB SD and that’s going ok. (Only the disks don’t work on the Pi.. class 10?!) I use DiskManager on Win to copy the image and it complained about size. Never did this before by other images. Also wonder what that “0.fat” file is that comes with your image zip file.[/quote]

The next image download will have a resized partition that will fit on every 4 GB card. I made the mistake to not resize the partition on my SD card and it it apparently a bit larger than some other 4 GB cards, sorry for that. Until the release of the next image, best way is to use an 8 GB card.

Regarding the partitions contained on the card: The version of Raspbian offered as download at is used to generate the image (see also No changes were made to the partitioning.