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[quote=1105]I thought i would kick it off and maybe start a discussion for beginners.. My kit arrived here in the UK this morning which completed the list of parts i needed to get this project up & running so i can start messing around over the weekend. I must admit, the instructions on the GPIO Adapter are a little overwhelming for me as i’ve never soldered anything before and know zero about electronics. I’m assuming i just match up the wires based on this image: wpid-photo-19-10-2012-20011.jpg I bought a cheap soldering kit on eBay, i hope it’s sufficient but does have a solder remover and a magnifying class with crocodile clips to hold everything in place. [/quote]

Yes, you are right by using the mentioned image for soldering directions. This image gives you an idea about how the final thing might look like after the soldering: [img][/img]

To be on the safe side, I would place the plug of a SNES controller in the socket. This prevents the pins to melt into some directions if the plastic of the connector becomes too hot.

Good luck and have fun with the tinkering!