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for the saving thing, make sure the following is present in your main retroarch.cfg (I was having the same problem):

config_save_on_exit = true

and that will make sure that retroarch saves your config when you exit the emulator.

wrt your analog sticks, not sure what the deal is there. I installed the ps3 driver and plugged in a ps3 controller via cable and it seems to work (tested in n64 emulator and the right stick did something with the C buttons) but I haven’t spent that much time with it as the main purpose of what im making is to emu the 8-bit/16-bit games.

Thx for the saving thing. Seems to work for me :). My Controllers are XBox 360 Wireless, unfortunately I don’t have access to PS3 Controllers for more testing.

[quote=99955]re-install retroarch from binary from menu 5 in retropie-setup. we have reverted to an older version.


Thx, will try that tomorrow. :)