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[quote=99924]Shenmue Disk1 runs, it’s “playable” but not perfect, very reasonable. I think with a few more tweaks and it’ll play very smoothly. Free5tyle, i just want to say, i love you and the progress you’ve made on this.
For some reason game saving takes an unusually long time, but that could just be shenmue, i’ve not played it on my actual dreamcast recently, but i don’t remember game saves taking that long. (My pi2 is inside an original gameboy, so a portable dreamcast is amazing!)

I do have a couple requests. Because mine is a portable gameboy, and saving takes a while, i wonder if Save States are possible. I use savestates for everything that i can. 1 button to save, 1 button to load.

Also is there a way i can reverse the axis on reicast? other emulators i can select which axis direction is what. Because my joystick(PS-Vita thumbstick) is technically upside down, left is right, and up is down. In other emulators like mupen64plus i can configure these, same with all the libretro emulators. I’d also need to change the sensitivity, my joystick only needs a very tiny deadzone, and has a rather limited maximum range, of the 32k range that mupen64 uses. i can only use about 15-16k ranges, so normally full forward would cause a character to walk or even tip-toe(mario), but by changing the sensitivity from 32k to 14.5k(ish), and the deadzone to (256, much lower than default) i can use my joystick normally.


Hi Djinny!

Game saves to VMU are the only operation currently that directly writes to the SD card during gameplay, so it’s bound to be a bit sluggish during saves (and they will take a little longer than you’re used to on the real Dreamcast, but not by much; my Rush 2049 saves only take a second or two; then again, it only takes a couple of blocks).

Awesome to hear that Shenmue is at least partially playable! I have to find my copy and make disc images so i can get back into that game :D

I would love to learn how to implement save states!! Definitely on my list but no idea how to start just yet. (free5ty1e = n00b @ emulation coding)

However, I *DO* have an idea on how to start implementing some emu.cfg settings for the following, and plan to start soon:

* Sound playback frequency (audio.playback.frequency=44100)
* Sound playback channels (audio.playback.stereo=1)
* Frameskip (video.frameskip=0)
* Controller axis deadzone (for each defined controller in emu.cfg, such as axis.deadzone=128)
* Controller axis max value (for each defined controller, such as axis.maxvalue=16384, assumed to be the same number positive and negative)
* Controller axis reversal (for each defined controller axis, such as axis.0.reversal=1)

Thanks for the suggestions!! :D