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[quote=99846]I just deleted the “nul assignment” in the main retroarch.cfg in the last line for the hotkey and now I can navigate through Retroarch Menu and even exit with my controller, but retroarch still does not remember my configurations.

Now everything ,except my analog sticks, is working (while analog to digital works fine).


for the saving thing, make sure the following is present in your main retroarch.cfg (I was having the same problem):

config_save_on_exit = true

and that will make sure that retroarch saves your config when you exit the emulator.

wrt your analog sticks, not sure what the deal is there. I installed the ps3 driver and plugged in a ps3 controller via cable and it seems to work (tested in n64 emulator and the right stick did something with the C buttons) but I haven’t spent that much time with it as the main purpose of what im making is to emu the 8-bit/16-bit games.