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I believe I’ve made some good progress towards stability and sorting out the audio issues, although the audio is still choppy…

There are two pull requests that have been sitting in the Reicast repo for a bit now, and they have some nice compiler warning fixes and an audio system rework and reorganization.

No idea how long it will be until they are merged in and such upstream, but I took it upon myself to merge these fixes into my latest experimental branch free5ty1e/rpi2/sound-fixes if anyone wants to check it out. I’ve been testing it out like this most of the day yesterday and found it nice and stable, much longer before a crash.

The audio backends are much more organized now too, so hopefully this will enable some sound choppiness fixes to be developed in the near future. I will probably go ahead and merge this into the main RetroPie branch this week at some point unless someone tests and finds a new issue that this might have caused.