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If you note on the same page you referenced it talks about how to set up the 6 button mode through the retroarch rgui (hotkey select+x you may need a keyboard to navigate the rgui menu) and then go to options, core options, select 6 button gamepad, go back in the menu and select save configurations and upon rebooting the emulator you should be good to go.

As far as the actual mode button itself it is equivalent to select (apologies I should have added the mode button to the diagram when I made it) which would also be your hotkey which may be why it doesn’t switch between 3 button mode and 6 button mode (similar to why the insert coin button doesn’t work as select on libretro-fba)- which in my opinion was kind of a redundant move on Sega’s part since the controller already had 6 buttons… Switching a mode doesn’t change the physical layout of the controller… But I digress. You may just have to manually change your settings in the rgui to enable 6 button mode as explained above and use the mode button as your hotkey. Alternatively you could disable select as a hotkey and see if the mode switching button works then (assuming that functionality was coded into retroarch in the first place).

Also as a side note left bottom and right bottom refer to L1 and R1 as diagrammed on this xbox controller:


But that point is moot as a 6 button Genesis controller doesn’t have shoulder buttons. Its just coded for controllers that do if people don’t have the exact same genesis controller since most modern controllers only have the 4 button layout and shoulders rather than a front facing 6 button layout.