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Okay, first off – thank you! It is incredible being able to play Dreamcast games in Retropie.

I am having a problem though … I’ve followed the instructions, and I believe I have the newest version of everything. I have Marvel vs Capcom 2 running successfully (yay!) and I was able to edit the controls to my liking with emu.cfg.

However, I’m having an issue with the VMU. The first time I run the emulator, it makes all the virtual VMU files (I can see them in then /.reicast directory), but when I launch the game again, it says that no VMU is inserted/not enough blocks available. If I delete the VMU files, the game “finds” the VMU and is able to save again, but when I close and re-open the game, the same problem happens (no VMU/not enough blocks).

**EDIT** After playing around with this some more, it seems that the games can “see” the VMUs, as I can access them from the games’ VMU options, but after I’ve saved to one of the virtual VMUs once, the next time I load the game, they are now “full” but nothing can be loaded from them either.

It’s probably also worth noting that I had to manually change the permission for the /.reicast directory to “pi:pi” in order to be able to put the bios files into the “data” directory.

Any idea what could be happening here or how I could fix it? Thanks again for all the hard work to help make playing this stuff possible at all!