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ok. I’ve worked it out. Took some seriously sideways thinking though.

I’m making some assumptions here, so please correct me if I’m wrong but there is some significant difference between what I believe is held in /boot/ for a standard installation of Raspbian and RetroPie.

Reason I say that is this is how I was trying to get my setup working:

RetroPie Image ¬
RetroPie Beta 3 image (NOT installed using the script, literally the flat downloadable image)

On first boot with the new RaspPi2 (I’ll check if this setup works on the old one in due course, just glad to have it working right now!) the keyboard and the game controller respond as they should.

I then do the usual raspi-config to open up SSH, increase the GPU memory and overclock.

Then I shutdown and plug in the External USB drive.

Raspbian Image ¬
Flat Raspbian image downloaded from ‘’

I then use Fdisk to increase the SDA2 partition on the extUsb in readiness of using the extUsb as the main partition, with that done I change my /boot/cmdline.txt to reference the /dev/sda2 rather than the mmc(blah blah) sdcard partition.


Now, at this point, what’s happening is the Pi initially fires up using the sdcard just enough to pick up the extUsb drive as the primary location and then runs up Raspbian, all good, I have a working keyboard and probably game controller (I’m currently on Raspbian right now).

So I then go git’ (see what I did there) the from github and run the installation, which ADDS retropie to my raspbian setup on the extUsb drive. controller doesn’t work, neither does the keyboard..

So, here’s what I think is happening.

Something on the flat RetroPie Beta3 is assigning devices some how/where and storing that default config in it’s /boot info (or similar scope) and that’s fine as long as the rest of the RetroPie distro is the same version, but it’s not, its the version installed using the from github distro and something in that is looking elsewhere for device information

I think this cos I’ve just wiped the extUsb and slapped RetroPie Beta3 image directly onto it, booted the pi with the boot section on the sdcard being RetroPie Beta3 and the extUsb being RetroPie Beta3 and BOOM, keyboard works, game controller works.

TFFT! Bloody hate it when I can’t understand something.

I’ll use your earlier post to install X back over the top of the RetroPie Beta3 on the extUsb now. :)