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I guess I’m not the only one giving a raspberry pi as a gift ;). I made a pi for my mother.

I made the output of the machine appear like a console. I am having the pi start with a customized loading video with all console messages disabled so it looks clean. Then once it gets to emulationstation, I removed several menu items and options. I removed the ability to scrape, I removed the ability to exit emulationstation and to restart. Just the ability to shutdown remains in the quit menu. I also removed the ability to configure the joystick or see the FPS or change the theme. I pre-configured everything and scraped, etc.. So none of that should be necessary. Plus I customized ES to shutdown the hdmi on shutdown so it looks clean. I also removed any console messages on rom boot. You shouldn’t see a cursor or otherwise see any console text ever during the experience. Plus I added a power button button to boot up the pi.