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[quote=99230]wicked, so if I repull now using the multiplayer branch, I will have the best of everything?


I haven’t tested with Shenmue yet, but I’ll bet it works now. Lots of DC games required the D-pad to navigate menus and didn’t bother enabling the analog stick for menus :D

[quote=99239]There are buttons that I left out, are those the buttons on the memory card?

That’s a good question, and possibly! Since the PS3 had so many controls mappable, I went ahead and set everything available in the Dreamcast controls list to something on the PS3 controller. I haven’t found a need / way to test the C, D, Z, or DPad2 buttons, but I mapped them so I could “find” controls when I test new games :D

If anyone manages to make use of the C, D, Z, or DPad2 buttons successfully, I’d like to hear about it.

I left my Rush 2049 on a Single Race on the Civic track all night (there’s a nice hill there the autoresets can’t get past, and == free miles and unlocking stuff), and when I woke up this morning I confirmed there is indeed a memory leak somewhere in the Reicast code (possibly several). My Pi had ran out of memory completely and just crashed.

I’d already noticed earlier that things in general start to act funny after a couple hours, probably due to these same leaks… so heads up, reboot your Pi after a couple hours of Dreamcast play to keep things running maaaaaad. I’m sure someone intelligent will find and eliminate these memory leaks at some point.