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That’s strange, you’re saying Reicast is creating these blank fields for you in the emu.cfg? I didn’t write any logic to save any mappings to the emu.cfg, just to read from it. Not sure what’s going on at the moment but I’ll think on it and post back if I can make sense of that :o

Even after rebuilding and reinstalling Reicast, the emu.cfg I’ve edited hasn’t been touched. I’ve only defined the buttons and axis I posted.

Not sure if it helps, but I put the controller mapping section just before the [reios] section. Position should not matter, unless you break up one of the sections by accident in the emu.cfg.

Hope someone other than me is able to have some fun with this soon… I’m going to be experimenting with all my old Dreamcast games tomorrow with a friend and we’re gonna see just how well multiplayer works all around.

At some point, I’m also going to have to enable Typing of the Dead and emulation for the Dreamcast Keyboard. Because I also have that game. xD

Gonna work this into a RetroPie pull request tomorrow as well, so everyone who builds the experimental Reicast emulator from RetroPie setup will also get a better Dreamcast experience. DREAMCAST FOR ALL! (you get a Dreamcast, and YOU get a Dreamcast, and YOU get a Dreamcast…)