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Yeah, external controller configuration via a user file — that’s definitely a goal for me, just not sure how far off it might be. Still have to figure that bit out, and with the resources in front of me I’m not certain how to start that feature yet.

Short term though, I should be able to map a different controller ID for autodetection relatively easily the way things are currently set up, and have a new build that supports your alternate controller driver too.

This is the mapping info currently in the source for the XBOX driver. This is also the info I’d eventually bring out to a .CFG file or something. So how would your changes look to these lines, how should your buttons and axes map to the Dreamcast controller?

Name = "Microsoft X-Box 360 pad"
MapButton = Btn_A,Btn_B,Btn_X,Btn_Y,0,0,0,Btn_Start,0,0
MapAxis = Axis_X,Axis_Y,Axis_LT,0,0,Axis_RT,DPad_Left,DPad_Up,0,0

The Btn_A,Btn_B, etc… are Dreamcast controller controls. Their position in the list indicates what mapping index to use (button 0 on xbox controller = Btn_A on Dreamcast, button 1 on xbox controller = Btn_B on Dreamcast, etc…)

(BTW it looks like the 360 controller doesnt have the d-pad completely mapped as things are, I have no way of testing this but sure looks incomplete to me)