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I knew not this thread so far.
Since it is more about getting the native aspect ratio of the system resolution.
And there is written the games use different resolutions.(8:7)
The course you can use also this Aspect ratios and resolutions, but I think it looks nicer with a 4:3 aspect ratio because the CRT TV’s picture is also 4:3 stretched.
That’s why I make only 4:3 overlays for me and those who likes it ;-)

Thank you,
As I said, I havn’t testet it. If the Y Resolution is really 200, patrickm is right of course. 200 x 4 would result in too much black borders.
200 x5 should work with the Scanlines_5x_1080p_Borderless.cfg without TV border and only a little black border
or with the MasterSystem TV Border Overlay but then about 40 Y Lines would be cut off.
And it could be that you have to play a bit with the custom_viewport_y in the retroarch.cfg so that the scanlines fit the pixels and the image is in middle of the screen.