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I went ahead and downloaded a new romset of the correct version, since using clrmamepro to convert my existing romset wasn’t helpful. That did the trick. Still having some issues though. MAME doesn’t seem to read in the all/retroarch.cfg. You have to configure MAME as its own beast using the gui menu by pressing TAB when you are in any game. That will modify the /opt/retropie/configs/mame/cfg/default.cfg. Then you should be able to modify that file directly as well to make any customizations, but that file just shows up as a bunch of garbage in my editor even though it is supposed to just be an XML file. Is it encrypted, or some other charset? I tried edit in both the linux and windows environment.

I’m also hitting a snag because my start and select buttons are 16 and 17 (because retropie sees both players as one device), but MAME only goes up to 15 buttons, so I still have to use the keyboard for some features. I was hoping to try editing the default.cfg manually and just put 16 and 17 in the file to see if it can pick them up, but I can’t edit the file manually due to the issue I stated above…

Anyone else having similar issues?