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Hi again! Ok so i’ve made some progress, but still really confused.

I’ve uncommented this section and change to true:

# Automatically saves a savestate at the end of RetroArch’s lifetime.
# The path is $SRAM_PATH.auto.
# RetroArch will automatically load any savestate with this path on startup if savestate_auto_load is set.
savestate_auto_save = true
savestate_auto_load = true

So now, once I leave a game and then re-enter it comes back at the same spot. yay!

Ok but here’s the issue –
I can’t get manual save/load states working.

I’ve tried uncommenting this section (and commenting the last one):
# Saves state.
input_save_state = 5
# Loads state.
input_load_state = 6

But no luck.

Also i’ve tried adding the following lines to the keyboard section. Also tried adding them to the bottom of the config file, but both have no luck.

input_save_state = 5
input_save_state_btn = 5
input_load_state = 6
input_load_state_btn = 6

Sooooo… any ideas? :-)