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When I set any overlay option in Retroarch.cfg games wont run, PSX games do run but overlays are not displayed and if I try to change any overlay option in the settings (for example if I try to turn them off or change the scale) in the retroarch menu it crashes the PSX emulator

Just to be clear, this only happens when I set then by default in Retroarch.cfg if I run the emulator without any overlay option set in retroarch.cfg and then manualy add them in the setting menu of retroarch they do work fine.

The Retroach.cfg I edited is the one at /opt/retropie/config/all/

Any idea what could it be? having to add the overlays every time I start a game is a chore :(

Im using a PI 2 with Retropie 3 beta 2



I can confirm the existence of this bug- overlays will crash RA if set by default, but can be loaded within RA.