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I am playing FF VII with a SNES gamepad. I have gotten to the end of Disk 1 and now need Disk 2. I have found alot of help on the forum, but my below process does not seem to work. Any suggestions?

I started by editing my retroarch.cfg @ /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg
I found the lines the hotkeyed save and load and added these lines:
input_enable_hotkey_btn = “8” (this is my select button, check yours)
input_menu_toggle_btn = “2” (this is my b button, check yours)

Next, I rebooted my system to ensure the changes would update.

Now I loaded FF VII Disk 1 and loaded my save file that told me to swap to disk 2 (on disk 1), now I hit my hotkey “Select + B”. Navigate to “Options” > “Core Disk Options” > “Disk Image Append” > select disc 2. Now this appended disk 2 at index 2. Now I navigate back to “Core Disk Options” and I open the virtual drive, set in disk 2, and close the drive.

At this point, I would expect Disk 2 to load, but never does.