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[quote=98508]Thanks. I like this.
I should really update my shaders video with ones based on hyllian.


It’s one of my favorites and what I would use with the pi if I had a 720p native display.

The reason this one is so good IMO is because it doesn’t seek to replicate flaws like color bleed that degrade the picture quality, but just those aspects of the CRT which enhanced the picture quality, like the “blending” you got from a composite signal. This was actually used by some graphic artists to create special effects – the force field in sonic the hedgehog is a good example.

On the pi, everything is a compromise. On a 1080p display the best compromise IMO is to use the scanline overlays, but if I had a 720p native display I would totally go for Hyllian. There are more options to tweak, if you’re interested.

If I had a more powerful computer, I might opt for crt-royale or crt-easymode with modified settings. I’ve seen some really amazing shots of those shaders in action.