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[quote=98512]Yes, I also think that looks really nice.
Also, because even with your hack the image is still minimal soft an not 100% sharp ?
The problem is that the image (depending on the game) a little stuttering.
The best way to realize it, is in Super Mario World 2 on SNES.
– In generally, if you run just around the area look on blocks or something.
When you set off the shader, the game runs much smoother.
– In the beginning, while the island turns.
– In the first level, in the first cave with the rolling stone.

If you change the core to Pocket SNES, it is slightly better but still clearly visible.
With an overlay image and Pocket, SNES Mario World 2 always as fast as if no shader is in use.

I have overclocked my Pi2 to official max in the config.


Shaders in general don’t run well at 1080p on the pi, but setting your display to output a lower resolution will add input lag and scaling artifacts. The solution if you want to use shaders with the pi? Buy a 720p display :P

Anyway, glad you like it.

edit: also, just to be clear, I didn’t come up with this hack- it’s actually a parameter option, but it’s somewhat difficult to edit; you have to edit the .cg version of the file on a PC and convert it to .glsl using a python script.