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Here you can download the scanline overlay images without the TV borders:

–> Scanlines_4x_Y-Scale.png

This scanlineimage works for all systems if the custom_viewport_height is a 4x Y-scalefactor of the original resolution.
With my configs it works out of the box for all except Mastersystem, because with it I use 5x Y-scalefactor.
So for MasterSystem you need this file:
–> TV_16-9_MasterSystem.png

To use them with my configs, you have to copy the file Scanlines_4x_Y-Scale.png to the folder
and rename the file to e.g. TV_16-9_SNES-MD.png
Repeat this for each system you want the scaliness.

For Mastersystem just copy the file TV_16-9_MasterSystem.png to