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For me, the most noticeable and defining feature of retro graphics on a crt is the scanlines, so it’s all about getting the scanlines right.

I do like the look of some shaders once they’ve been tweaked- crt-easymode and crt-royale come to mind, but both are too intense for the Pi. Caligari works but is just too light IMO, and hyllian-glow works but the blur is distracting.

For 720p displays I have made some editied versions of crt easymode and crt hyllian. I removed the lanczos filter from easymode so that it will run on the pi without slowdown. I enabled the sharpness hack with crt hyllian to make it sharper.

The weird thing is that once you enable the sharpness hack and darken the scanlines, crt hyllian starts to look very close to using the overlay.

I’ll upload both of these when I’m back at my home computer.

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