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I wrote this text in german and translated it with google translator, because I have better things to do than time to invest in such nonsense.
Because of this some of this text maybe make no sense.
Please remember that:

Image quality you can not just summarize only in numbers at these low resolution of that system.
Image quality is a matter of personal taste.

The favorite game of my wife was and Aladin is on the SNES. She played it earlier on the real hardware really long time, and even to a few years ago, to about the time was replaced as CRT through LCD.
When I had shown her the first time an emulated Aladin on an LCD monitor, she had played it for a few minutes, but then the gamepad aside. When I asked her why, she told me that her image is too square and they do not like that.

Only when the Pi2 had come out, which is fast enough to all to emulate for me major systems (I know retroarch is also available for the PC, which has long been fast enough, but I had always too much other problems), I’ve only now with scan lines and the actual image “quality” deals.
When I took the picture then set softer and scanlines have inserted, told me my wife suddenly the picture now looks much better and wanted to play Aladdin again.
This situation and such statements, tell me much more about image quality than what you tell here as pseudo-facts, which in reality is only your opinion.

You tell people what looks best in your opinion and what settings needed to achieve this, is also completely okay, but if you say now that your settings are the only right to have good image quality, you lie just wrong!

That you do not know too much about resolution, you have shown, because you do not even knew why your first Scanlines the image only darkened. Why that was the case, I have explained to you in the thread as if you wanted me and all people realize the first time that can not be good only your picture settings handsome and all settings.
I could go on to list examples which show that you have as you pretend less idea.

Funnily enough, you had but just after this debate and my explanations revised your overlays.
Just yesterday. I have posted my settings for a softer image, you’re talking about it just bad and ask again assertions that are simply contrived only to the hair, but änderst suddenly your overlays … haha

I myself am a moderator in a slightly larger forum. We did not even sporadically people like you.
What distinguishes such Persons:
– He knows quite a bit.
– It helps a lot because first he writes a lot about a subject.
– People believe him, because they do not know better and just simply looking for information from a forum or Google.
– He thinks what he says is law because he thinks anything else is wrong.
– He tries his mind with more or less logical explanation to all the people who impose a different opinion, but it itself is completely closed to logical explanation.
– He feels left out when someone else writes something and says, which is not his opinion.
– His style is then very aggressive when he can no longer completely logically argue against it, because although it has quite a lot of knowledge, but still far less than he pretends.
– He must always have the last word because he thinks this means he was suddenly right.
– The best method is not to respond to his comments, because he will argue further and will never deviate from his opinion.
– Tackle it is the task forum moderator or administrator, depending on how could the Forum should be developed.

Do you recognize yourself? I for one recognize you in it.

In my opinion, seeing your settings a total of just not good and you should not give people such bad advice.
That was a sentence in the style as you write it.

But all this is me not care, because you get your settings so doing as you like and I mean settings as I want.
And all the others also make it just as they would like.

I’ll also respond to any of your statements more immediate.
If I am sometimes quite disagree as you I’ll create a separate thread where I explain my approach.

I think the project really Retropie class. Although there are still some unnecessary problems, but there exist due to the emulation station or by Retroarch itself, it’s the best and easiest way to let the Pi2 old games to life again, when I was so far to solve almost all the problems I usually always had.
However, it’s just too stupid in the small number of registered and active users here to argue with an individual that is so resistant to advice as you.

The only reason why I this forum anything write is because I myself have really invested time in order to have one in my opinion the best possible image settings and I want my findings with other parts.
Unlike you, but I’m aware that my settings not please everyone.