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OK so I tested out a slightly different take on this (to make it less hassle when adding new mods), and it works great. Setup is still much the same as above so the OpenBOR binary will be here:


Unpakked mods will go into their own directories within the /bor/ folder as such:


Now inside each mod folder create a script named ‘’ with the following inside:

sudo /home/pi/bor/OpenBOR

Be sure to set the file as ‘executable’.

The file is exactly the same for each mod so just copy and paste it as many times as needed.

Now for the games to appear in Emulation Station, in your OpenBOR folder within the normal /roms/ directory you need to create scripts for each game, naming them however you wish (eg, and entering the following text:

cd /home/pi/bor/goldenaxe/
sudo ./

Be sure to set the file as ‘executable’.

Now reboot, start up emulation and test them out! :)

This may seem a bit of a long winded way to add games, but it is actually really easy this way and only 1 OpenBOR binary file is needed so no duplication for every mod you add. I just added another 4 games to my setup and it only took about 15 mins in total to get them all up and running.

Anyway, hope this helps anyone who is a fan of the OpenBOR games! As an added bonus, here is a link to a ton of mods you can try out:

OpenBOR game collection

(these aren’t copyrighted roms, they are free ‘fan’ games so I am assuming this is ok to link?)