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Hi Flausch,

Interesting topic.
I’m trying to achieve exactly the same: a 2 player Amiga/C64 gaming experience on the RPI (using Retropie).

I’ve once soldered a small device which accepts two 9-pin Amiga/C64 joysticks and connects to an old game port (25 pins?). Now that this port has become obsolete, I’ve bought a gameport to USB adapter from Ebay which works fine on Windows (WinUAE).
However, I haven’t managed to get it working on Emulationstation. I’m instead using a PS3 controller for that for the time being.
I’ve managed to get Vice working with the C64 jostick (by having it ‘learn’ the controls).
What I read about UAE4ALL2 however is that it has the controls pretty much hard coded, i.e. not configurable through a config file or whatever.
If that’s really the case, I’d need to wait for an improved version of UAE4ALL2 and Retropie of which I don’t know how long it would take.

So the solution you are looking into would be a good alternative.
I’ll look into this as well. Can you keep me posted on any findings please? Trying to get this to work asap :)