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As they mention, sticking to an arbitrary 4:3 for the sake of it isnt really that relevant, with the goal really being to get close to each systems native output resolution.

I read over that thread and actually posted in it as Nesguy.

That thread has very different goals than this thread. They want to display games in their native resolution, which is incorrect IMO. It isn’t how the games were displayed nor how they were meant to be displayed.

This thread is about getting perfect video scaling, which is related to but a separate issue from aspect ratio.

You can accomplish what that other thread is describing by just selected the 1:1 PAR option under video aspect ratio. This will result in perfect scaling, but will also make the picture appear in a small pillarboxed square, wasting a lot of screen space and making the graphics appear squished.

To keep the perfect scaling with a more authentic and aesthetic aspect ratio, follow the instructions in this thread.

I provided some example shots below of NES and SNES at 6×5 integer scale. As you can see, what gets cropped off corresponds to the overscan area. On SNES it’s very minimal. If you zoom in you will see that each pixel is the exact same shape and size. This is identical to the output using an XRGB Mini with the 5x profile.

(Be sure to click enlarge for proper viewing)