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[quote=97685]You do need to be careful here not to remove the line in the existing retroarch.cfg that pulls in the main retroarch.cfg – unless you want to break that link.

Maybe we need a new guide/video to explain these retroarch.cfg video config values and where to add them.


Some videos would be really helpful. I’m realizing that a lot of this stuff is hard for a beginner who is new to Retroarch to understand. If you want to make some videos explaining “how to get scanlines” and “recommended resolutions,” that would be great.

I’m noticing a lot of the scanline overlays are broken, so I included a working one for 1080p displays in “how to get scanlines,” and I notified HunterK of Libretro.

I’m also noticing that retropie could be configured better by default. By default, cores are set to render at 640×480, which causes scaling issues on both 1080p and 720p displays. Both “video output resolution” and “retroarch render resolution” should be set to match the display’s native resolution. “retroarch render resolution” should be set to “use video output.”