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I know why there are PAL borders and also the technical reason ?

You never get a look on a LCD like a real CRT until the screen gets u much higher resolution as it know is (on a Consumer LCD)
Your settings and look are also much far away from beeing a really realistic look.
And yes i don’t sit a view inches off the screen and count pixels. I sit there i a realistic distance and want the best appereance. And this not with a blocky sharpness.
Also i think the designers of these games with this low resolution, designed the graphics to have the best look with the softness of a (consumer) LCD.
Probably most people think the same about the image quality. This is probably the only reason why shaders and filters exists.

But Everyone should adjust it as he wants. ?

I agree, it will take higher resolution to really replicate the CRT look.

Again, I’m not going for authenticity, but overall picture quality, and this is a Raspberry Pi forum, so I’m speaking specifically on how to get the best picture quality on the pi while making the fewest compromises. The shaders cause numerous problems on the pi.

Even back in the days of CRTs, RGB monitors were the gold standard before Sony BVMs came along. Why? Because they had sharper and brighter pictures.

You seem to be forgetting how dim CRTs were compared to LCDs; I was mistaken earlier (not enough sleep) and was thinking about contrast. An LCD is bright enough that you can add 100% black scanlines (reducing the effective backlight by 50%), and it will still be brighter than a CRT.

The artists may have designed the game for a crappy ntsc composite tv in some cases, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t look objectively better on a better display. I recognize this is somewhat subjective, but you seem to be conflating picture quality with authenticity, which is also subjective.

Regarding viewing distance, at the right distance the pixels shouldn’t look overly sharp at all. Maybe you are actually too close. The average crt was about 26″ and people sat 8 ft from it. I’m pretty sure these graphics were designed for a small view angle- maybe 15 degrees.

I’m not against shaders per se, I think crt-easymode or CRT-royale with the right settings can look good. But neither will run on pi. So I just opt for a clean emulated look with scanlines. You can also add “dotmask” shader on top of this for a very light aperture grill effect.

I’m happy I solved my overlay issue. :)

I’m sorry to bother you Patrickm, but would it be possible to make a guide on how to add the scalines or have the same setup that you have. I have a 1080P tv too and want the look you would get from the mini XRGB. Is their a way you can do a step by step guide with the commands and all. I see that you have other post on the proper resolution for each system, but I’m confuse as to where to do this changes and if I have to do it for all system or is there a universal way. I’m sorry, I’m new to all this, I barely started messing around with the pi 2 days ago. Also sorry for my bad grammar.