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The fba2x.cfg, as quoted above, isn’t being parsed when emulation station starts the emulator. Changing the display settings in that file also affects no changes in the emulator.

I changed the fba emulator to fr-fba and it, as well, ignores the retroarch.cfg config files. fr-fba doesn’t accept any keyboard input at all, and requires the pi2 to be rebooted to exit the emulator.

>> If you just plug a keyboard in, does it respond the same keys?
The keyboard responds to the wrong keys. Insert a coin is TAB instead of 5, P1-Start is ENTER instead of 1.

>>Are you using the latest firmware?
The key programming utility just crashes when I run it with the J-Pac. If that doesn’t work, I’m surely not going to roll the dice with the firmware update utility. I received the board last week, I’m assuming the firmware is the latest. It functions fine, and generates appropriate keyboard input. I can’t see blaming this issue on the j-pac.