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[quote=97296]I disable integerscale, instead i calculate the resolution by myself for a 4:3 aspect ratio.
The X resolution doesn’t matter for the custom_viewport.
The overlay relolution should be the same as the video_fullscreen until: input_overlay_scale = 1 in the system config,
overlay0_full_screen = true in the overlay config file.
Otherwise the number of Y pixels of each scanline for each emulated Y pixel is no longer correct and the whole image looks badly.


1. I don’t understand- if you turn integer scale off, you could get pixel warping on one or both axes.

If you manually adjust custom viewport to 4:3, won’t you get scaling artifacts on the x axis?

If 896 is the y axis, 4:3 would be 1194.666667: 896; so you will get some warping on the x axis. Or have I misunderstood something?

2. So, the overlay has to match the resolution of the game/system that is being played. I suck at using graphics programs. I figured out how to tile a .png to make a scanline overlay, but I still can’t figure out how to add transparency. I always wind up with transparent white instead of full transparency.

3. Are you sure NES is 224 lines wide? I looked up the native res and found 256×240 on Wikipedia. I think it’s 240×224 without padding, but 256×240 with padding, which was cropped by the TV.