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[quote=97060] @c0ldmeth0d

Your Theme looks amazing. I’m pretty new to Retropie and think that the default simple theme is in fact a little too simple for my tastes. Do you have a new revision of your theme with better readability ?[/quote]

Thank you, and yes see OP.

[quote=97060]I wonder if there is another way to browse through the systems. For example a screen that shows all the systems at once, so you wouldn’t have to search for the system you would want to play like in the simple theme.[/quote]

I think you are talking about grid view, I’m fairly certain this has been discussed but not implemented yet.

[quote=97060]On another note. How do you get covers for the games to show ? is there something built in to EmulationStation that visualises covers ? Or even better, is there a way to automaticly download covers (that would be absolutely awesome)?[/quote]

As labelwhore said there is a scraper built into ES. If you don’t get the results you are after you can do them manually.

[quote=97060](Sorry my english is crap but i hope i was able to make my thoughts clear)[/quote]

Your English is better than a vast majority of native speakers that I come across… certainly not crap.

[quote=97100]Thanks for this skin, btw, it looks amazing and is really easy to customize. Toss is a new BG image, change the text color and the line at the top and bam! I made mine match the Kodi Amber skin and it looks really great.[/quote]

Glad you enjoy it, check the fonts I have made it easier to swap them out as well.

[quote=97100]I do have one question though, is there a way to keep the background image on the system select screen from sliding left/right or fading when you’re switching between systems? I think it would look even better if that background were static, but I only see the two options in ES.[/quote]

I think this is hard coded in, I couldn’t find an option, this also drives me up the wall. If @nilsbyte could chime in we could lay it to rest and either get over it… or plead for an option to be implemented in a future release of EmulationStation.