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Apart from trying to force the sound through hdmi, which worked on recalbox, retropie is having non of it at the moment, the icade is running, I ditched all the switches and used sanwa which are connected through a usb snes controller board. An extra smaller sanwa button was fitted at the front to allow easy exit of a game.

I used the heated barrel of a soldering iron on all edges of the vynal which created a better finish. Just waiting on chrome trim, side stickers and figuring out how to make a more permanent marquee light control.

the mid section now pulls apart separate, if this could be copied it would make a nice conversion kit to icade that wouldn’t require hacking to fit.

I’ll post final photos and any detailed parts. In all minus the pi 2 you would be looking at around £100 for parts. That’s if you can find a cheap icade as a Base.