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That’s great, thank you! I figured it had to exist somewhere in SkyNet, but I’ll be danged if I could find it (need to use the right terminology).

Here’s what I ultimately envision… I have the TankStick, which is nice, and I love the trackball, but some console games, say the NES and SNES can be more fun (and easier) to play with the original controller than ‘arcade’ controls.

So, I added a dual-USB port to the front of my cabinet where I can plug them (generic Buffalo SNES controllers in this case) into, and without unplugging my TankStick, they become J0 and J1 (if two are installed). Then, as part of the runcommand.sh script, I determine which controllers are on J0 and J1 and use specific configuration files merged together. This would allow 1 player with SNES controller, or 2 player with 1 SNES controller (and p2 on tankstick) or 2 player with 2 SNES controllers.

Having said that, inputstation sounds like it could cover a lot of what I’m working towards – I’d just have to switch between several config files.

Thanks, again!