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Great! Thanks for that advice. I had noticed the paper grain thing with a button. I have led lit buttons. And I bought all white service buttons with the intension of figuring a way to do custom icons. So first thing was just to get a feel I cut paper circles and inserted them between the clear top and the white frost disc. I ended up saturating the paper with black marker and it actually looks ok. Up close you can tell. Anyway down the track I’ll do something better; like better print or custom printed decals.

I’ve attached two photos. Was hard to get the camera to white balance with the brightness of the buttons.

I have an issue that some of my buttons are different shades to one another. 2 red lit buttons are a bit more magenta than the blood red of the others. Only noticeable when lit. But since there are two I might put them in as the thumb or primary fire buttons. Some of the whites are off too which is of more concern. One player button is yellowish and the other crisp white. And the same for the other two blank white service buttons. Might be able to do something with them. Not looking into that job till construction since it works and easier to deal with.