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OK, I’ve been doing some digging. The interface name finally came my way Xin-Mo. My assessment is that it’s complete rubbish. At least my board is.

I can assign up, down, left, right to the stick pins. But they jitter; so unusable. I can work around by putting them onto 4 of the button pins. But I am unable to assign any buttons to the stick pins. I was able to earlier; but it longer accepts it. Earlier when it did I was getting a slow rapid fire on those buttons. I could assign them to less used buttons, but now I can’t and it all feels unreliable. So that leaves me with basically two options.

1. Assign the stick buttons to 4 of the button pins and leave the stick pins empty. Unfortunately this leaves me with only 2 pins for service. I was hoping to have 5. I could double up but it all seems dodgy to me.

2. Ditch it and buy an I-Pac2 which looks like a nice bit of kit compared to this since it is reprogrammable. As far as I can figure the Xin-Mo isn’t. But the issue with this is that not only do I loose the $25 or so I paid for the Xin-Mo but I have to pay around $80-$90 Australian for the I-Pac2 because of stupid shipping cost to here. Beats me why that little board would cost $35 to send here. I did find one Australian supply for $63 but it’s all sold-out!

Having found the name of the board, since it was not printed on the PCB!, I was able to find an article here about issues with it posted last year. I installed “evtest” and as far as the terminal is concerned everything is fine!

I’m pretty much resigned to taking a piss on the xin-mo; but I guess it will have do for a short while till I find a reasonable price on the I-Pac2.

Anyone willing to help me out and investigate what it might cost you to send one to me privately? Willing to wait on slow shipping if it means I save a few bucks.