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Ahh of course. I forgot about the weight. When I did the flooring in my office I used some dense chip board. Was heavy lifting. It looks like I’ll get away with one sheet. I’ll see if I can place the parts so I can cut the sheet into smaller sections with straight cuts. Plan to use 16mm (about 5/8″) MDF.

I’ve allowed a tiny bit of wiggle room at the edges of my display.

Just finishing up on the structure today. Making sure I can actually assemble it. Designing it to have almost no screws on the outside of the cabinet.

How small did you do your cornering where t-molding was used? I’ve read it can be quite tight. But I have noticed on some YouTube stuff that it kinks a bit due to the crown in the extrusion. I think I read using a heat gun helps.

Any advise on doing customer decals? The thing I’m least sure about is the marquee. Want to put the decal on the inside and have light shine through it. It’s also going to be a curved acrylic. Worked with that before so I’m cool with it.