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People that theme can’t help themselves, I wasn’t going to touch the Pi, two days in I was looking to see what could be done. I am my own worst enemy.

Okay, so everything went to plan. Readability is at a supreme, I’m pretty happy with it, just need to make a few changes and I’ll put the new one up. I just wish I could take better screen shots. The potato quality shots don’t do it justice. I might look at something to remote view the interface. Taking photos of a monitor is akin to using whiteout on the same monitor to correct typos:) IMO.

As you can see from the screenshot now you could put any image in the background and it won’t affect readability. I also reduced the opacity of the header so that you can see the whole image (although depending on feedback, I may revert).

As for the guide, I had a look at the one you posted above. It looks like a good concise guide that I wouldn’t change, there is nothing of value that I could add to enhance it further. But if I do come up with something useful I will be sure to tack it on.

Oh yeah, where is this Zelda theme you speak of… I would be interested in having a look.