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I’m not sure how people can restrain from customising the interface to suit themselves, for me I get as much fun out of modifying as I do from the end purpose of the machine.

I had planned on adding additional fonts, colours and backgrounds into the initial release but wanted to gauge interest before doing so, the plan was to give fonts a generic name e.g. description.ttf & gamelist.ttf so that the user could just rename a font, dump it in the asset folder restart… done. Only issue being font size as they vary greatly. The same goes for the background, as long as the new image is of the same dimension, rename to the generic name overwrite the file… done. As for the small amount of code that needs to be changed for customising colour, I would just clone and modify the xml and have the user overwrite the existing xml.

As you will see I have moved all code for visual customisation to the global xml for ease of customisation.

I considered adding the code in then commenting out, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible for those that aren’t confident in modifying the xml’s.

As for the background, you have given me an idea that may give me the result that I want without compromise. I will give it a go when I get a chance.

I have Illustrator but used Inkscape in this case, when possible I will sit with Adobe and see what I can come up with. But if you are correct in the scaling of the themes I think I would stick with png’s as from my perspective they aren’t as time consuming.