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Thanks for the feed back, constructive criticism doesn’t bother me and most often than not is useful.

I understand exactly what you are saying and labored over the thought of adding smoked out boxes behind the text. The reasoning behind not adding them was; I wanted the background to be easily interchangeable, so this ruled out hardcoding anything into it. The other option was to create SVG’s then scale and position them behind the text, unfortunately my SVG experience is limited to modifying existing images so that ruled that option out.

If yourself or anyone else with experience could point me in the right direction I would be happy to correct the flaws in the theme.

Another thing I was looking at was the Banner/Header, the jpg is not ideal and would prefer this also to be an SVG. You would have also noticed my laziness with the branding as well, once again a png is not ideal I feel an SVG would better suit. Ideally it would be nice to be able to place a background of any colour/contrast/shade behind the text and not have to worry about readability.

My original thought was for backgrounds, fonts and colours to be easily interchangeable for ease of customisation. That way the user isn’t locked into how I think it should look.

Your thoughts/experience are appreciated.