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So i went through that post and did everything. here are the results (still with no prevail.

i2cdetect -y 1
20: 20—–27—

ls /dev/input
by-id by-path event0 event1 event2 event3 js0 js1 mice

sudo jstest /dev/input/js0
0:-32767 1: -32767 0:OFF 1:ON 2:ON 3:ON 4:ON 5:OFF 6:ON 7:ON 8:ON 9:ON 10:ON 11:OFF

i2c kernel is loaded by default

All switches have ~3mV until pressed then short to ground.

Here is my controlblockconfig.cfg.
“input” : {
“gamepadtype” : “arcade”
// “gamepadtype” : “arcade”
// “gamepadtype” : “arcade”
// “gamepadtype” : “none”
“powerswitch” : {
“activated” : true


FYI the power switch works perfectly.

Im running version 3.18.7+ PREEMPT on a Pi 1 B+

Here is a pic of my wiring. I pray that you dont tell me the extending of the wires to the pi is causing the problem :)