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[quote=94473]You could help test the updated PS3 controller driver module. Update RetroPie-Setup and select “PS3 driver install”.

After installation you can plug in your controller every time. Pairing will be done automatically. No manual six pair and so on.

In emulationstation press F4 at least two times to reach command line.
cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo git pull
sudo ./retropie_packages.sh ps3controller

Ok. As written above your controller will be paired if there is a bluetooth dongle and a ps3 controller connected. It is necessary “atm” to run retroarchinput for every ps3 controller because sixad adds the mac address of every ps3 controller to the device name. Retroarch does not know these device names and VID/PID detection seems to be not broken. Had no time to evaluate why retroarch does not use given VID/PIDs.

sudo ./retropie_packages.sh retroarchinput

After reboot your controller should always connect.

I managed to give this a try today, it seems to work better in terms of it pairs after each boot of the Pi, which is great. Unfortunately I still get the problem with the controller not registering correctly. This seems to happen in Retroarch, Emulationstation and using jstest. I think it’s the analogue that goes crazy, it randomly registers phantom movements before I can set my own key. I’m using a standard dual shock ps3 controller (CECHZC2J), barely customised version of Retropie and the “standard” bluetooth dongle (CSR 8510 A10). I can’t believe that I’m the only person having this problem with a ps3 pad?!