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Hello. I am excited with this collection of emulators and I’ve been using them for a long time in my Raspberry Pi. I found a problem, though. When I save a state in Neo Geo –with Retroarch, not Gngeo or others– it crashes when I load it. The only way of avoid the crash is loading it WITHIN THE SAME SESSION, but whenever I boot the Pi or restart the EmulationStation session, it crashes if I try to load that same savestate.

It’s important to say that in SNES games it always works great and retrieves my saved states when I load them, and it uses the same Retroarch config.

I have tried with the latest version of RetroPie, in my Raspberry Pi 2, and it crashes too. I have googled this, and I have found a bug in MAME which I think it’s related to –in fact, is the same that I have described:

If someone got his Neogeo savestates loaded with RetroArch please let me know how. Thanks in advance.